Farnell Newton’s viral Facebook group Jam Of The Week has been growing a while now and with over 20,000 members currently, posters have to do a little something extra to stand out. This week drew out a particularly impressive (and unusual) crowd to jam on “Cherokee,” with an incredible solo from an 11 year-old, the weekly post from the guy who always has a horse mask on, a strange but entrancing computer-generated piece that included dancing Sim-like characters, and the usual feats of virtuosic strength — including one saxophonist who played so quickly that multiple commenters declared that they would never move to New York so long as that man was living and playing there.

But even still, the Second Floor Music office couldn’t help but be surprised when we saw what intern and Manhattan School of Music graduate Elijah Shiffer had put together for his take on “Cherokee.” Set in a spooky-looking basement, we crowded around the computer with no idea what to expect.

We’ll let the video speak for itself, but suffice it to say that “Cherokee” comes out sparkling fresh after Elijah’s creative rendition. Sure, we might be a little biased, but we think this particular entry is one of the best of the week’s, and certainly our personal favorite. What do you think of Elijah Shiffer’s chorus on “Cherokee”?